Improving skills in Policy Governance

We think of Policy Governance understanding, both for the board and for the individual, as an ongoing evolution. Levels of skill and degrees of consistency may vary but the intent to do it well is always present. There are a number of areas of which clients have frequently sought help. . In our minds, understanding the theory is important but it doesn’t mean much until you actually have the actionable skills and tools to put that understanding into successful practice. This section provides information about getting there.

Here are a few of the topics most frequently requested by our clients or most in need of further explanation based on the challenges of the boards we work with:

Board Recruitment and Orientation Strategies Print E-mail

Board Recruitment Strategies

Planning for Recruitment

  • Defining the criteria
Ownership Linkage Print E-mail

Figuring out how and what to talk to your owners about is not intuitive. Policy Governance asks you to be purposeful in that connection, seeking perspectives, identifying missing voices and gathering unknown values for policy development.

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On occasion we get a cold call from a board that is following Policy Governance (note to self; following is not usually the same as using or practicing!) but feels that it has lost its way.

Cultivating Group Responsibility Print E-mail

The Board must act as a single entity. To achieve this, the board members must learn to think together. This requires group responsibility.

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An undisciplined board undermines the accountability of the CEO. Not following your policies is an issue of organizational integrity. How can you expect the CEO to follow policy if the Board doesn't?


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