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Partners in Policy Governance LogoWelcome to the Partners in Policy Governance® web site! We are glad you have found us.

We hope to help you understand what great governance requires, the challenges it faces and offer how you might resolve those challenges. Reflecting on each of these has led us to believe that Policy Governance is the best way to maximize a governing board's ability and value but our goal is to provide you with information to help you make your own conclusion!

We have designed the site in an effort to help you effectively and efficiently find the information you find yourself in need of and hope that you find what you need, in part by dividing the site into four sections of content addressing different needs. If these do not give you the help you seek please contact us and we will see how else we might be of service!

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Facts about the partners

Susan Radwan MEd, CAE

Susan Radwan, ConsultantSusan has a rich history of experience in insurance, education, and non-profit associations. She has experience as a Chief Governing Officer and a CEO in a Policy Governance organization.

Eric Craymer MBA, CMA

Eric Craymer, ConsultantEric has been a business owner, manager, researcher and consultant, and brings a wide variety of Policy Governance client experiences to engagements.

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Event: Policy Governance Theory--what it is and why it works.

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Policy Governance® Boot Camp

Dates available:
April 26-27, 2018.
September 11-12, 2018
April 25-26, 2019
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Looking for a thorough understanding of Policy Governance® (PG) as a model for Boards of Directors? 

Partners in Policy Governance® has created a two full day event focused on Policy Governance Theory--what it is and why it works. 



Unique Value

Eric Craymer and Sue Radwan are among the world's most experienced Policy Governance® consultants. We focus on translating the theory into practice, working internationally with boards and CEOs to master the practice of the model. We facilitate exploration of governance models, educate boards in the theory, and facilitate boards to get to the point of implementation. Then we help you with the real fun of doing it, coaching boards and CEOs to master the practice.

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